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Adventures of a Girl Architect

Smart and hardworking Elena Troye is determined to become a practicing architect. In this witty, fast-paced novel, she recounts the ups and downs of breaking into a male-dominated profession. After a disastrous studio review at the University of Michigan, there's the seeming triumph of landing a job in glitzy, booming Las Vegas in 2006. When the national recession deepens in 2009, Elena returns to the Midwest for grad school and then the grueling architecture licensing exams.

Along the way, she balances the professional with the personal—boyfriends, family ties, friendships. And she maintains her interest in fashion, even if that seems “girly.” In the workplace world of 2011-2014, Elena battles harassment from her superiors and mud on construction sites. She never gives up her dream of designing beautiful, functional buildings—and finding romantic happiness.

Elena calls herself a “Girl Architect” with ironic self-mockery. Follow her on her remarkable journey as she defies the gender stereotypes. Read Adventures of a Girl Architect!

This coming-of-age tale is the debut novel of Hazel Harzinger, who lives with her family in Michigan.

Publication date: January 2018