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Cedar Park Press is an independent site for marketing electronic and print books. Check out our featured novel, Hazel Harzinger's Adventures of a Girl Architect, here. Other titles, in nonfiction and drama, are under development.

While you're here at Cedar Park Press, be sure to stop by the Cedar Park Book Blog, where we offer reviews of many titles from other presses. You'll find a new post every Friday morning. To maintain impartiality, our blogger does not accept review copies of books.

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About our Blogger

The author of the Cedar Park Book Blog is Karis Crawford. Here's how she describes her reviews:

"On the Cedar Park Book Blog I curate books for like-minded internet friends. I review recent novels from around the world, especially historical novels and mysteries, and also dip into biographies and social history. Although many of the titles would be termed 'literary fiction', I also review some genre fiction such as chick lit.

"You won’t find reviews of thrillers or horror on the Cedar Park Book Blog. I seek out books that probe the complexities of the human condition, but I’ll abandon a book after a chapter or two if the plot involves extreme violence.

"On the Cedar Park Book Blog there are purposely no star ratings of books. I find it deceptive to collapse assessments of plot, characters, descriptions, imagery, historical accuracy, and other aspects of a book into one rating. Instead, I aim for nuanced and candid reviews, to help you decide if you’d want to read the book yourself. Welcome to the Cedar Park Book Blog!"

Karis holds a PhD in medieval literature from the University of Toronto and a Licentiate from the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies. She's worked as a lexicographer for dictionary projects including the Middle English Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary. At the University of Michigan, she taught English literature and composition for several years before moving into administration of educational programs. At Hamline University she directed the MFA writing program. Her published writing has included work in women’s health and community-engaged scholarship.